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In today’s homes, appliances play an important part in a family’s daily life. Refrigerators keep food fresh and beverages cold; ranges, cook-tops, and ovens provide today’s home chefs with the options they need to try out all the new recipes. New options in clothes washers and dryers make it almost enjoyable to do the laundry, and dishwashers make it a snap to clean up after a meal. Besides these “essentials” there’s an array of specialty appliances, such as “hot water on tap” dispensers, warming drawers, microwaves with built in toasters and coffee makers, expresso machines, vent hoods, ice makers and outdoor grilling centers that turn your deck into a second kitchen! Whatever you’re looking for, it’s out there…

Like all machines, household appliances need maintenance and repair. You come to rely on your appliances in your daily life, and when one of them stops working it can completely interrupt your routine. Or even worse, imagine if you had 40 people coming tonight for a party and suddenly your oven quits working. You can’t bake puff pastries in the microwave!

To schedule your service visit or to inquire on parts, we’re just a phone call away!

   In the Grand Rapids area: 616-243-1523
   In the Chicago area: 847-440-7985

ISSCO is the leading provider of authorized service on household appliances in Western Michigan and the Chicago area. We maintain trained and certified technicians in all the best brands of appliances--over 40 brands! For some brands we provide the only authorized service in the area. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, with a combined 40+ years in the field.

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